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The Pic's Page


The Bride

The Bridesmaids

The Groomsmen

Barney, our musician and a wonderful friend.
( I love this madman.)

Ada Harris my wonderful Grandma,
 and the creator of both dresses doll and breathing dolls. 

The Family


1. Castle of Dreams

2. UGHHH. 
I used to throw her over my head and stuff all the time.
But I didn't know that after this,
I would be required to do this in every photo.

3. Yes?
I am coming in, and I am sober.
So get over it. *S*

4. Honest
This is my dad's side yard.
I am not watering bushes.

5. Nice 
Sorry the smart alec eagle has nothing cute to say about this one.
I just like it. Once again, in my Fathers yard

6. Nice2
To me the gray suit is soooo suthun,
and what can you say about pink. Yummy *S*


My best dude Jason

Two Rednecks getting ready to cause trouble I bet


End of the 80's Still Duran Duran and Van Halen hair.
We was soooCUTE

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