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Just a beggining. I hope to have better photos to scan in soon. I am not happy with the color of the polaroids. Nicki's is Magenta(1997 Dodge 150 hp 16 valve DOHC) and Mine is Aqua Blue(1997 Plymouth 150 hp 16 valve DOHC) Both are automatics.....I know many will say Real drivers drive sticks. I say REAL Drivers Drive Mopar PERIOD. In the early 90's I started reading about the NEON.... and I told everyone this is going to be the car. I praised it for over 3 years now. My father became a dodge man after much bragging and showboating of my old Dodge Pickups (318 powered). So everyone was waiting for us to bite the bullet. This year it happened. My Wifes Reliant started dying after many hard and dependable miles(waaaayyyy over 200,000 miles). She traded it in on the Magenta beauty. I knew it was soon going to be time. I sold my '77 short bed dodge with that sweet running 318 still purring and a lifeless tranny. Then as my Truck rusted out from under me A faithful '78 Chevy with over 300,000 miles. While it would still roll I took it in to trade in for my dream. The only car I've ever owned that wasn't at least 10 years old when I bought it. I hope to show you my Families growth as we LIVE with our NEONs. For they are family......as soon as you sit in one..... you want to drive it.....When you drive it...... YOU HAVE TO OWN ONE...(or two..or.....)....
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